Stokyo Kutter Crossfader


The Stokyo Kutter builds on the reputation and design of the world’s first ever portable crossfader – the Frisk Fader. It’s portable and lightweight design mean you can truly take this crossfader anywhere you go. The Stokyo Kutter is designed to work with turntables, iPads and other external audio sources, functioning as a full on fader cutting on both sides. The custom casing is scratch-resistant. The crossfader features two inputs and a singular output with post and thru assignment connection for audio and a reverse switch for versatile scratching applications.

– Kutter fader
– 3 cables
– Instruction manual
– Velcro


  • 2 inputs and 1 output
  • Reverse switch (hamster capability)
  • Pre/post for stereo fader to use with 2 x sound sources and 1 Kutter (use with 2 TTs)
  • Slim design (just a bit larger than Frisk Fader)
  • Custom casing, (non generic case, scratch resistant sand blast finish)
  • Analog build (no batteries or charging necessary)
  • Clean design, screw-less top panel (screws on bottom) for scratchers
  • Assembled in Japan