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About Us

My first product idea came to me in 2016 after I bought a Minirig speaker a great design with superb sound quality for such a small unit. After a week or so I decided to design a stand for the Minirig as I wanted to have the speaker actually directed towards me, rather than upwards, when using it next to my computer.

Like all good ideas, to make it a reality you have to find someone to manufacture it? As we are based in the heart of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, an area with a rich history in engineering, my aim was to use the best local businesses which would not only help reduce the carbon footprint of the product but also keep employment in the area.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had my first Minirig stand design laser-cut then CNC folded and powder coated in a Carbon Flat Black finish. Soon to follow were a further six original stand designs to accommodate various configurations of Minirig speakers and I was well and truly hooked on designing and making unique products for the audio market. Next came other precision metal products designed specifically for the DJ industry and audio market, including our Technics 1200SL Turntable Faceplateswith our unique full depth model being totally exclusive to MKStands.

The birth of the ‘boots’ idea…

The initial concept for these really came about in 1990’s, for me an exciting time to  have been about in British music history with the free party Rave movement in full swing and people like Spiral tribe, DIY, Bedlum and many more putting on parties all across the UK. Although a common setback every DJ experienced at some point was turntable vibration and transmission feedback along with a host of other issues that came with playing big thumping bass sound systems.

At that time there just wasn’t a suitable material out there that could be used in the manufacture of products to cancel out these vibration and feedback problems. So having worked with people in ICI and Alastagram polymers industry for ten years on and off, I decided to go back into this field to see if I could create a product that would really work! After many trials and mixing of different polymers we finally came up with a specific formula that proved to be a truly effective solution to combat these vibration issues.

We called it MKUltra® and with industry testing completed we used our unique polymer in our first sets of isolation boots for the Technics 1200SL Turntables and Pioneer PLX1000 along with our PRO DJ Isolation System for the Scratch community… plus many other products still being designed and developed to support and benefit the DJ Industry and Audiophiles.

“Our ethos is to create high quality products for the DJ and audio market that are not only innovative and functional but look really great as well.”

Matt at MKStands