The Ultimate Turntable Isolation Feet for DJ and Audio Hi-Fi Industries

MKSTANDS Turntable Isolation Boots, made with our exclusive MKULTRA ® polymer, are the perfect solution for eliminating vibration, skipping and transmission feedback on your turntables setups – especially in heavy bass environments. Simply slip them under the existing feet of your Technics SL1200 or Pioneer PLX1000 turntables and you’re good to go!


Our custom MKULTRA ® polymer has been developed in-house and vigorously tested within the DJ Industry before arriving at our optimum polymer formula. It works by decoupling and isolating your turntable, effectively cancelling out vibration in real time by continuously absorbing any micro vibrations within the unique flexible polymer structure. If you’re serious about your decks and want to up your game, whether at clubs, festivals or home setups our MKULTRA ® isolation products are a must for you. But don’t just take our word for it – read what the pro’s are saying…


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Pro DJ Foot System

The complete isolation system for your turntable setup.

Turntable 'Over Feet' Isolation Boots

Get increased stability, reduced vibration and lowered resonance with our specially developed MK Ultra Rubber® ‘over feet’ isolation boots.

Turntable Top Plate Covers

Bringing your 1200s into the 21st century – Top plates and face plates for an instant refresh, protection and a modern look.

Minirig Stands Range

Our selection of Minirig mounts and stands enable you to enjoy very best acoustics and sound quality from your speaker.

Raidenfader RXI-2 Foot

A Solid, Snug shoe for your fader. Made with the MKULTRA ® rubber

Roland Stands Aria range

(more Classic Roland stands coming soon!)

Solid, space saving, easy reach, comfortable for live and home studio – analogue gear stands