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So who uses our products

There are so many genres of dance music requiring isolation and stability when playing vinyl sets and our ULTRA ® turntable boots are now being used by all different types of DJs, producers and sound system specialists around the world including



ESKEI83 renowned for his heavy bass sets and crazy shows has been using our isolation feet on his recent world tour.



Mala, a highly respected DJ worldwide in the dubplates & dubstep community playing heavy bass sets, now uses our turntable boot products on all his DJ sets.


DJ Brace

DJ Brace (scratch DJ) 3 x world champ.


Scratch Bastid

Scratch Bastid (scratch DJ) Redbull3sytle world champ and Bastid BBQBus.


DJ Qbert

DJ Qbert DMC World champ and member of the Skratch Piklz.


Beat Junkies

The world famous Beat Junkies Institute of Sound (Scratch DJs).


Sound Factory Systems

Sound Factory Systems (Premier Sound Productions) Specialist in outdoor concerts, festivals and world tours for top artists.


DJ Producer

True hardcore veteran The DJ Producer grew out of the rave scene surrounding the south west of England, beginning his prolific productions career in the early 90s.


Shambala Festival

Music Festival celebrating 20 years of Adventure In Utopia, in a secret Northamptonshire location


Scratch Perverts

Prime Cuts and Tony Vegas are the Scratch Perverts – a name that has become synonymous with HipHop and battle DJing ever since their formation in 1996. Their reputation as one of the world’s most progressive DJ collectives is unparalleled.
© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

Fabric Nightclub

fabric is one of London’s premier venues, hosting weekly lineups featuring the foremost names in electronic music. The club is known for its purpose-built, three-room layout and world-class soundsystems.


Funktion One Sound System

Funktion-One is a specialist British professional loudspeaker system inventor and manufacturer. Established just over 20 years ago by pioneering designers Tony Andrews and John Newsham, Funktion-One has built its name on the production of high quality point source loudspeaker systems.


Aba Shanti-I

Aba Shanti-I is a sound system operator and dub producer from the UK. Aba and his sound system have been playing through UK and Europe for over 30 years. He has been a resident sound system at Notting Hill Carnival since 1993 and was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World by DJ Magazine in the same year. 


EMPERORFARI (The Powerful Warrior Sound)

EMPERORFARI (The Powerful Warrior Sound) is a heavyweight Roots and Culture sound system from Leicester UK. Playing strictly vinyl in the traditional one deck style (original sound system way) with crystal clear high-fidelity quality and heartfelt bass from our custom-built sound system and controls. Come and experience sound system roots & culture from the sufferahs sound in pure heavyweight style. Who feels it know its……………………………..

With the turntable making a real comeback in the DJ scene and the majority of top DJs asking for vinyl turntables setups at most of the festival and clubs around the globe, our isolation products give the DJ reassurance by eliminating vibration, skipping & transmission feedback, increasing stability and getting the most out of your turntables setup.

Just remember one thing... you can play the best sound-system money can buy at the world’s best clubs and festivals but, as we’ve been told so many times now, if you can’t keep the needle on the record and have to dial it down, this would be the biggest let down for any DJ and especially the crowd your are playing for!