Raidenfader RXI-2 Foot


Presenting our new rubber foot design for the newly released portable Raidenfader RXI-2

When designing this product we looked at the word portable and decided to make a stand alone holder. This will give the DJ more choice on where to place the Raidenfader RXI-2 making this a more enjoyable experience.
When you have finished mixing/scratching just take out your Raidenfader, turn it upside down and store it safely in the holder.
The holder will grip it tight for safe transportation.
Made from a non marking material which is the same as the turntable feet that we call MKUltra. We have made this holder in two colours Red & Black.

Key Features

  • Non mark making material.
  • Will grip your fader tight when scratching.
  • Can use your holder for transportation (no sharp edges) when you have finished.
  • If you drop your fader when it’s in the holder it will just bounce and will not brake your fader.
  • Will give the DJ a more enjoyable experience as the mixer not tied to the turntable.
  • Choice of two colours.

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Black, Red

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