The Datum Turntable Feet


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More about the DATUM turntable feet …

A design collaboration with Datum Precision Engineering

We worked with Chris Daniells at Datum Precision Engineering, who specialises high precision engineering for the M.O.D and Auto industry, after successful collaborations with Chris on other MKSTANDS projects.

A brief was set out that the turntable feet must have a minimalist clean look, to be effective at low mid and low bass problem frequencies from 150hz and lower. Any rumbling at these frequencies should be almost totally eliminated on whatever surface the mk7s are used.

Also we wanted no side movement from the turntable feet when playing in live situations. The feet must feel rock solid giving the DJ full confidence to finish the set without any issues from the turntables.

After looking at what solutions were available to eliminate this problem we decided to pursue the ‘rubber band’ design – a concept that’s been around for over 30 years which came from rubber bands over an ashtray if you can remember it!

The DATUM Turntable Feet

After numerous tests a final prototype was designed with a construction consisting of 4 integral parts machined to perfection to look like one solid unit and we moved forward towards production.

We have used 6061 aluminium, one of the best alloys for this type for product and perfect for getting the Black Anodised finish for the product to appeal to the DJ industry and also to look good with any high end Audio setup.

We tested various different types, sizes and configurations for the O ring suspension but we struggled to find the perfect one to give us the optimum performance we wanted so we had them exclusively made for us with a special composite of our MKULTRA® polymer and rubber. With six of our O rings within each foot we have achieved the right balance to stop side movement, so if you’re a scratch DJ the turntable won’t sink in the corners when scratching.

Additionally, to provide secondary isolation properties, the base of the feet are constructed using our exclusive MKULTRA® polymer which already has a proven track record within the DJ industry for great isolation and gripping abilities.

And finally to connect the DATUM feet to the turntable we have 6mm stainless steel threads.


The DATUM Turntable Feet having a bigger diameter and heavier footprint now weighing 295g per foot over the Technics 40.5g standard foot, giving increased stability and much more of a grounded feel.

Industry trials and reviews

A.M.C trials the Datum feet

Like all of our products that we make we have them tested by DJs in all situations and styles. Our DJ to test the new DATUM feet was DnB DJ A.M.C who originates from the Dubplate culture and vinyl scene, winning the 2020 Drum & Bass best DJ award and who also runs Titan Records.

“ I love the new 1210Mk7’s but they’re missing the large rubber underlay that stops unwanted frequency feedback. The DATUM feet solve this problem and then some. They have a super solid design that feels unbreakable and in my opinion are the best isolation feet ever. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with MK Stands and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to use the DATUM feet.” A.M.C

It was great to work with A.M.C on trialling our new Datum turntable feet, a true professional in every aspect especially when it come to vinyl DJing. You can see his mix on YouTube with the 3 turntable set up using our new Datum turntable feet on the new mk7.


Leo reviews products from all the top companies that make DJ equipment and just by luck he was going to review the mk7 against the mk2 using Strato software which you can see on YouTube where he tests our DATUM feet – it’s very interesting and worth a look.

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