Technics 1200 Faceplate


Here at MK Stands, we believe the 1200 Technics turntable is one of the best turntables ever made, this is the weapon of choice for many a Dj playing Vinyl. With many 1200’s in need of facelift from years of abuse. So we thought it was due some attention. Designed with precision to perfection, each plate are built from mild steel, laser cut, CNC folded and welded on all for corners to aircraft specification, leaving a seamless join.

All of our faceplates are now screen printed to the original text with a apoxy 2pack industry printing ink then sent through our heat setter to harden the ink for a long lasting print. Powder-coated with a hard wearing finish, this product offers a durable, easy-clean, long lasting solution, preventing your decks from getting damaged. Fixing your faceplates only takes 10 seconds and will transform your old Technics to a great looking turntable, without all the hassle of having your turntable rebuilt.

Currently available in our own custom made Carbon flat black. This colour looks fresh and in keeping with the design and colour of the original turntables.

We are proud of our products made for Djs by Djs. You can see more of what we do on our Instagram page MKStands.


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Technics 1200 model

1200mk2, 1200mk5, 1210mk2, 1210mk5


White Pearl, Flat Black

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