Pro DJ Isolation System ( For Technics 1210 and DJ mixer )


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What's included

- Four Isolation feet (fit right onto the existing feet of your 1210 deck)

- Two DJ mixer feet (both feet either side of your mixer)


About the system

The Pro System is a flexible advanced active polymer system that cancels vibration in real time by continuously eliminating vibration with in polymer structure, with expanding and contracting micro vibration made by the sound systems which travels through walls ,ceilings, floor then to the DJ Booth. When this happens the possibly you well get some sort of vibration and transmission feedback and movement of your set-up.

Our Advanced polymer (MKULTRA®️)has been made with help from some of the top names in the industry. We ask Fabric to help us with our prototype feet in a club environment.The Fabric sound engineers was so impressed they also tested the for us at the 1st festival love box. The next was Funktionone,one of the biggest speaker manufacturers in the world.Funnktionone was invited back to Glastonbury festival on the glade stage and used our turntable feet on that stage. Now Funktionone uses our isolation products for their Turntable installations.So after all the prototype work done and Final design made we put them out to the public. With many hundreds successful sets of our original turntable isolation feet sold around the world.

The Pro DJ System is a ideas vibration isolation system for vibration-sensitivity set-up. Our isolation products now becoming industry standard solution for the most Turntables sensitive setup.

*Please note, this is currently only for use with the 1210 foot. 

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